I'm trying to get (in order to modify) the active selection (channel)
in a C plugin I am writing.

I assume I can simply use gimp_image_get_mask (image) but I can't see
how to get the image object!

All the examples show accessing the drawable object using
gimp_drawable_get (param[2].data.d_drawable)

I know I can access the image ID using param[1].data.d_image, but the
only call seems to be gimp_image_get_by_ID which requires a first
parameter *gimp which I can't determine how to get!  (Oddly enough, I
could image->gimp if I had the image object but that is a bit chicken
and egg situation...)

Can anyone provide a pointer, or tell me if there is a better way to
get the current selection (channel).

Thanks in advance...

-Rob A>
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