The nohalo patch is submitted on bugzilla (bug #587696) with sampler
execution time summaries and three XML test files.


> Hi,
> First of all, remeber that your git repository of GEGL is a clone, you can
> mess it up however badly you like without affecting everyone elses repo.
> When you get push access you need to be more careful though ;)
> When you have cloned, create and checkout a branch to do your work on:
> git checkout -b gsoc2009-adaptive-resampler origin/master
> Then do your changes. Make sure to commit often. In general, the more
> commits the better. Commits are easy to squash together but it's more work
> to separate a single commit into two.
> You don't need to switch back to master, to rebase with origin/master, just
> do:
> git pull --rebase
> while you are on your gsoc2009-adaptive-resampler branch.
> And note that in the end, it is not a matter of creating "the patch".
> Rather, your delivery should be a series of git commits created with
> git format-patch origin/master..gsoc2009-adaptive-resampler -o output-folder
> You then tarball the output-folder and send it to us, preferably coordinated
> through #gegl on irc.gimp.org.
> Hope this helps, feel free to ask further quetions if you need
> clarifications.
> Oh and a final thing, make sure to look at gitk --all after each git
> operation so that you can see what is going on.
>  / Martin
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