GEGL 0.1.0
GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a graph based image processing framework.

GEGL provides a graph based API and framework to do demand driven, cached, non
destructive image editing of larger than RAM images. Through babl it provides
support for a wide range of color models and pixel storage formats for input
and output.

This is the first release in the 0.1.x development series, APIs have been
overhauled the graph API is now considered pretty stable. Note that to
migrate existing 0.0.x series code to 0.1.x you need to prefix operation
names with "gegl:"

To build gegl-0.1.0 you will also need the newest version of babl.

Changes in this release
 • Renamed gegl:load-buffer to gegl:buffer-source and gegl:save-buffer
   to gegl:buffer-sink (but the old names still work)
 • Represent colors using doubles instead of floats (this change is
   independent from internal processing)
 • Removed the GTK+ UI parts of the gegl binary and turned gegl into a
   pure command line tool (which can still visualize stuff with help
   help the SDL based display operation)
 • Consider {x=G_MININT/2, y=G_MININT/2, width=G_MAXINT, height=G_MAXINT}
   as the only valid region wichin processing may occur. Processing
   outside of this region is undefined behaviour.
 • Added support for storing allocation stack traces for GeglBuffers
   so that debuging buffer leaks becomes much easier
 • Made small changes and cleanups of the public API, e.g.
   • Removed gegl_node_adapt_child()
   • Made GeglConfig an explicit object
   • Removed most of the ifdeffed stuff to mask away internal
   • Added gegl_rectangle_infinite_plane() and
 • Added new sampler GeglSamplerSharp
 • Added format property go gegl:buffer-sink
 • Cleaned up and made gegl:introspect work again
 • Add a bunch of test cases using the automake test sytem (make check)
   and also port buffer tests to automake
 • General cleanups, bug fixes, increased robustness and improved

This release of GEGL brought was brought to you by:
 Øyvind Kolås, Sven Neumann, Étienne Bersac, Hubert Figuiere, Martin
 Nordholts, Nicolas Robidoux, Michael Natterer, Ruben Vermeersch,
 Kevin Cozens, Manish Singh, Gary V. Vaughan, James Legg,
 Henrik Åkesson, Fryderyk Dziarmagowski, Ozan Caglayan and
 Tobias Mueller.

Where to get GEGL
The latest versions of GEGL and it's hard dependencies babl and glib can be
fetched from:

The integrity of the tarballs can be verified with:

sha1sum *.bz2
6e95e24c48b8018fefbf8e69ad62f4a4de56640c  babl-0.1.0.tar.bz2
ede1789ce318b9afe4ec7dcb42c1065b4f278b64  gegl-0.1.0.tar.bz2
a0cee2b75bb485de926fa43b33887adc8f9c19bb  glib-2.20.4.tar.bz2

Where to get more information about GEGL
More information about GEGL can be found at the GEGL website

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