On 06/23/2009 09:13 PM, peter sikking wrote:
> I have re-evaluated every fundamental
> principle that is the basis for the change, looking at "what is it
> is the other way around for users?" and if that also could solve
> the 2.6 mess. because let's face it, the 2,6 situation is a mess.
> however it is not the fundamental principles that are wrong, but
> the current execution. I will now outline what has to change,
> it uses suggestions of Liam, Simon and Alexia, glued into a
> solid concept again:
> - no longer Untitled
>     in the title bar of the window for imported images or
>     (the interesting case) where a new composition is exported
>     but not yet saved. the name part of the filename is
>     displayed in the titlebar (e.g. "[lawnmower]" for
>     "lawnmower.jpg")
> - the '*' is still used for the save-state, but we can show more
>     info after the filename in the title bar of the window:
>     "(imported)", "(overwritten)", "(exported)".
> - change to the title of the menu item that does the 'back-sport',
>    after a long brainstorm on irc and munching
>     on it for a couple of days more the winner is:
>     "Overwrite lawnmower.jpg"
>     where lawnmower.jpg is the imported file.

I have implemented these changes now, try it out with latest git master

  / Martin

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