I am using the GIMP and a Wacom tablet as a digital blackboard for a course
I am teaching this summer.  With Python and PyGimp, it is going really well
(other than my bad hand writing made worse by the tablet - it is weird
writing on the tablet and having to look to the screen to see what you have
written).  Example lecture notes can be seen here:

We are coming into a mathematically intensive part of the course and I feel
like my handwritting has become a barrier.  I am creating my own text tool
that use Latex and dvipng.  The hard part is already done: I have a wxPython
application with a text control and a png preview portion and it is
basically working.  I am now working on better GIMP integration.  Right now
I type in the equations in my wxPython application and preview the png
there.  When I want to paste the png into my lecture slide, I have to switch
back to GIMP and press a key that is a short cut for a PyGimp script to load
the cached png.  Then I position it on the slide with the move tool.  Not
bad, but not as nice as Gimp's text tool.

I would like my Latex enabled approach to act like the regular text tool.
The main thing I don't know how to do is allow the user (me) to click on a
spot on the current image and pass those coordinates to PyGimp so that I can
use that as the top left corner of my png.  Does my question make sense?  Is
there an easy way to allow the user to click on a spot on the image and get
the coordinates from PyGimp?


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