yahvuu writes:
 > Another alternative is to go with lazy rendering and introduce
 > a 'finalize image' command that optionally renders to full resolution.
 > This way, the save/render distinction won't show up until it is really
 > desired by the user.

I like "finalize image."

 > The additional command may be required anyway as a means to reduce file
 > size by dropping some non-destructiveness. See last image in
 > http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/2009/04/version-control.html

The way nip2/vips deals with a somewhat related issue is that when
nip2 is started up, if a lot of disk space is taken up by workspaces,
it asks you whether you would like to delete them. A less drastic gui
would ask you whether you would like to go through workspaces and mark
them for deletion, and then you could pick and choose (and only look
through some of them, even) based on thumbnails, size, date of last
mod. and whether the result was "finalized."

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