On 07/07/2009 01:35 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> I see two poles for the rendering strategy, both of which have downsides:
> - eager rendering: render as soon as possible, latest when
>                     saving the composition

Hi yahvuu

I don't see why the whole composition would have to be rendered just 
because it is saved. Or did you mean "latest when exporting the 

> - lazy rendering: render only when the full resolution is actually
>                    required, that is on export time
> I'm not really shure if these are just corner cases. However, following
> the project vision's 'high-end'&  'cutting-edge' adjectives i assume
> GIMP striving to be a reasonable choice for the 'big' jobs.
> Then the user needs to be able to control when the composition gets rendered.
> any thoughts?

I wonder if we really need to let the user manage this, wouldn't it work 
pretty well to lazily render an area around the currently showed part of 
the image (so that performance when scrolling in the vicinity is good), 
but limit it in size (so that memory usage is limited).

  / Martin

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