On 07/08/2009 03:45 PM, Danko Dolch wrote:
> 3. If You create highend sophisticated GEGL graphs that take long long 
> to render even on you brand new Intel Beckton 16 core workstation ;-) 
> it would be handy to insert precalculated "proxy nodes" into the GEGL 
> node graph to speed things up by caching the whole or a part of the 
> graph. Alternatively an automatic caching of the inbetween 
> calculations of all compositing nodes would be more comfortable but 
> harder to implement into the first version and it would require much 
> more disk space than a single proxy node.

Even better, the proxy node should be managed automatically by GIMP. If 
you, say, move a layer, the proxy node would be inserted right below the 
composition below the moved layer. By clever managing of the proxy node 
we get the best of both worlds, good interactive performance without the 
need for manual work by the user.

Interesting mail btw

  / Martin

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