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> Am Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2009 schrub Danko Dolch:
> I personally love the node editor of blender and would like to see something
> like that in GIMP. The only problem with these node setups (like the one in
> your screen shot) is that they are only graphs but no trees. And AFAIK GEGL
> uses trees of nodes. Thus the cool things like several sources or forward
> edges (think of a bumpmap on a layer which uses the same layer as source) are
> not possible.

GEGLs XML serialization format is a tree, the data structure exposed
in the API is a fully general directed acyclic graph. As long as you
restrict the set of node types involved to: sources, sinks, filters
and composers with two input pads and one output pad, any graph can be
expressed as a tree with clones. In earlier incarnations (not in GEGL)
of the same tree serialization I also allowed embedding free-form
graphs as one of the nodes in the tree, thus more complex ops with
multiple inputs and outputs could be inserted there.

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