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> hi all,
> here's a (totally unbiased ;-) summary from the previous  
> "composition rendering"
> thread, intended as a discussion base:

I must say that I have been watching this discussion with
increasing amazement.

if you just start with some unbreakable UI principles like:

when users save their file everything is stored on the disk; when
exporting a png, it is there at the end of the progress feedback;
when an operation is made on a composition then it is done and
users can see the result to take their next creative decision;
when a file is huge then users' expectation of how long things
take naturally scale accordingly.

then that is what users know and need to know and that is how
it works as far they are concerned. the rest is technical detail
and for actually contributing developers to figure out.

I have been pointing out ages ago that the screens users work on
have only 1 or 2 or 3 million physical pixels and that is all
that needs calculating asap, the rest can catch up in seconds.
has an impact on how effortless zooming is, however...


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