On 07/11/2009 08:23 AM, Roman Joost wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder where I can put and compile a widget I've written for the
> metadata browser. It's a GtkEntry widget which is "linked" to the
> XMPModel. The entry takes three parameters in the constructor, the
> property, the schema and the XMPModel as a data type.
> If I put the widget into libgimpwidgets, I probably have to link it
> against the xmp_model which is defined in a plug-in.
> If I leave the widget in my metadata plug-in, I need to change the
> Makefile to use the widget.

Hi Roman,

Since we don't want the libgimpwidgets to depend on the metadata 
plug-in, you should put the widget along with the metadata plug-in 
source. That the metadata plug-in will depend on a UI library is not a 
problem. If we can avoid extending our plug-in API we should do that.


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