I have posted several patches for GIMP which only need to be applied,
However I see that they haven't recieved a response for about 2
months. I know that the developers are busy, but I at least want to
know that someone noticed these and that they are somewhere on the
list of things to be done.

A palettte export script to close a four year old feature request
(Souce is attached) - http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=304399
A fix for the bug in the sphere designer plugin (patch is attached) -

Note that for the sphere designer, the patch is in gnu diff since I
couldn't create a working git repository of gimp (I had issues with

If any changes need to be done for the patches and this is the cause
for the delay, or if there is any way I can apply the patches myself
to the source please tell me and I'll do so.

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