Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions on adjustments and additions to the 
> default set of GIMP resources?

I have a few suggestions as a creative/artistic user which uses GIMP 
mainly with a pen tablet (as probably any other people who is serious 
into raster graphic art). I'm not sure if they fit the product vision, 
but I'm trying anyway:

- As you say, add larger variants of standard brushes. Artists typically 
work on rather large canvases (I personally use 300 dpi A4, which 
equates roughly to 3500x2500 pixels). The standard maximum brush size of 
19 pixels at these resolutions can be quite small.

- Add some variations of rake brushes (not standard in Gimp right now) 
and more different types and sizes of bristle brushes.

- Add more realistic patterns from commonly used artistic media (for 
example different types of paper, etc), to simulate easily its texture 
while drawing.


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