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> Hi,
> I think we at least should:
>  * Add larger variants of the circle and fuzzy circle
>    brushes, say 50, 100, 250 and 500 px
Please no, there's too many round brushes already and bigger ones would look
exactly the same and add confusion. There should not be 2 brushes that look
to be the same shape in the default set. Since 2.8 will have decent scaling
on all brushes, we could get rid of the N variants of round vector
brushes(and that's where backward compatibility really bites). They
represent an obsolete modus operandi, where scaling wasn't possible. What
gimp needs is more examples of various vector brushes, like stars and tilted
bars and alike that can be used perfectly with dynamics and some actually
useful bitmap brushes for painting like activities.

>  * Try to get rid of the Pepper, Sparks and Vine brushes
   in a backwards compatible way

They represent quite nice examples of bitmap brushes and I don't mind at all
that they stick around, after all theres only 3 of them compared to 10+
round brushes. Combined with dynamics they make perfect example/demo
brushes. See above for the real annoyance.

I propose we put all the legacy brushes we dont want to keep into a
backwards compatibility extras pack and release it along with 2.8 (windows
installer could let it be selected as an optional component and Linux
distros can have an extra pack for them). Scripts that use hard coded
brushes are not that common. In fact, I haven't seen a single one in general
use or passing through FX Foundry.

> Does anyone have any suggestions on adjustments and additions to the
> default set of GIMP resources?

Default set of resources should include some tool presets, like some common
aspect ratio fixed presets(2:3, 3:4) for crop tool and dynamics enabled
presets for the paint tools using default resources set.

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