On 07/20/2009 02:40 PM, Rob Antonishen wrote:
> Is the tagging data stored in the resource file itself as metadata or
> in some corresponding file or files?

The tags are stored externally in ~/.gimp-2.7/tags.xml

> Is it possible to pre-tag the items in a set of resources (say a brush
> set) that can easily be distributed with the resources?

There is currently no way to distribute tags along with resources, but 
we want to add this of course. The default resources have default, 
translatable tags.

> Are the tags managed- for example, if there is no resource with a tag
> because it was deleted does the tag get removed?

Yes, it even can handle when resources are moved around in the 
filesystem. It keeps the md5 sum of resources it has tagged, so if a 
resource does not exist, it will use the md5 sum to locate it again.

> Thanks in advance. I realize this may not be appropriate for a devel
> list

I think your mail is perfectly reasonable for a devel list.

For more technical details regarding how tagging is implemented, refer to:

  / Martin
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