ense...@gmail.com (2009-07-20 at 0036.20 +0200):
> gradients). This enables us to add a bigger set of default resources.

Here you say "bigger".

> A few things are clear:
>   * The new default resources must fit the product vision [1]

Does that leave things like Gimp Paint Studio out of the map?

>   * The resources must be very general in nature

Highly related to the point before, are proper airbrush or fake hair
"tips" (pretty common in photoretouching) general enough? That is what
always sounded strange in the product vision and the decissions based
in it, they feel out of contact sometimes, as users have shown they do
things in a bit more artistic way and less "run filter and cross

>   * We can't have a huge set of resources since we need to keep
>     the size of the tarball within reasonable limits

Now you say "smaller" or "same"? Sorry, I am confused about what is
the target.

> I think we at least should:
>   * Add larger variants of the circle and fuzzy circle
>     brushes, say 50, 100, 250 and 500 px

Remove scale widget and instead add true pixel control of all the
brushes, so no more multiple sizes of the same thing needed because
people can access all the sizes they want in fast and simple way (and
if they want to keep some versions, they can clone brushes).

Instead, add different shapes and settings that are not controlled via
size (sharp vs fuzzy could get one or more in between step, for
example) or diverse pixmap brushes (grunge and realistic tips for
paintbrush, spray can, airbrush, pencil, etc).

That would a better use, and would make clear the size setting is for
something, instead of crowding the dialogs with many repeated circles.

>   * Try to get rid of the Pepper, Sparks and Vine brushes
>     in a backwards compatible way

And as demo of animated or colour brushes we have... nothing? I think
we should add some others pixmap and animated instead of removing
them, for example grunge or rust types are good candidates. Ship some
good presets demoing all the power, and even not-so-curious users will
start to experiment.

I had drafted the initial version yesterday, but I see others agree in
general terms, less "boring circles" and more "provide examples of
what can be done and how they are better used".

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