On 07/23/2009 12:27 AM, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> Do I understand that correctly that you will move to
> single-floats/color?

Yes, virtually all image processing and compositing will be performed in 
the linear light RGBA color space with 32 bit float depth per channel. 
There have been discussions about introducing regression tested 
optimizations for 8 and 16 bit depths, but I don't expect any effort to 
be put into that soon. First, we need to finalize getting GEGL into GIMP.

> What exactly happens when you select the "use GEGL" menu item right
> now? It uses GEGL but only with the current capabilities? Does it give
> more than 8 bits/pixel?

If you in GIMP 2.6 enable Colors -> Use GEGL, then the image processing 
itself will occur in RGBA float for the color tools. However, the data 
being processed is stored as RGBA u8. That means that if you do an color 
adjustment with Use GEGL enabled, then you first have to convert that 
data to RGBA float for processing, and than back to RGBA u8 to store it 
again. In other words, not very useful to the end user.

If you in the yet not officially released GIMP 2.7 do View -> Use GEGL, 
then the layers will be composited using GEGL. In other words, we have 
the layers etc ported to a GEGL graph. It is worth mentioning that it is 
technically trivial to insert non-destructive nodes in the graph, but 
our focus now is getting GIMP 2.8 out.

  / Martin
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