1) i agree with Alexia , get rid of all duplicates as  the "circle soft" and 
"circle hard" brush.   If may be scaled only 1 is needed

2) most flexible brushes are that created with the brush editor that can be not 
only resized but tilted, rotated,made harder or softer on the fly, even with 

But shapes are so limited : will be no possible add some simple shapes as 
spiral and ring ? 

 to clarify "ring":  as circle or square or polygonal   BUT only the contour is 
stamped, and  the thickness of the contour may be modified 
.(..with maximum thickness a "square  ring brush" is identical to a classic 
"square brush" ,with minimum is 1px outline of the contour)

3 about  animated brush, stars, grass,stones and dirty brushes may be a good 
example,   their possible use should be intuitive

brush tools would need better preset i make a example with the clone tool

As default for clone tool i see a HARD circle brush at 100% opacity, but the 
clone tool seldom works well used at full opacity with hard brushes...
something as a SOFT round brush with a bit less  opacity would be a"better" 
default :
"better" in most case and, even more relevant, for the first contact with the 

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