On 07/23/2009 04:11 AM, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> I use the git version of last week.  Lost my tablet (probably due to
> some dbus API issue) but works otherwise.
> Let me just poke some more.
> And does all this survive layer copying and other changes?
>Does current 2.7 carry floating
> point layers through all of this?
> Does 2.7 as is support storing and reloading the floating point format
> in *.xcf files?

No, in git master, everything feeded to a GEGL graph is RGBA u8, and 
everything returned is RGBA u8, it is just the intermediate processing 
that is done in RGBA float. Part of the remedy for this is replacing 
GIMP's TileManager with GEGL's GeglBuffer, which can store image data in 
any format supported by babl.

  / Martin
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