On Thu, 2009-07-23 at 03:53 +0000, Alchemie foto\grafiche wrote:
> 1) i agree with Alexia , get rid of all duplicates as  the "circle soft" and 
> "circle hard" brush.
>    If may be scaled only 1 is needed
Yes.  For script compatibility, either ship them, or have the
brush-choosing code automatically interpolate, if a script
asks for "footprint-36" and we have only "footprint" or maybe

> 2) most flexible brushes are that created with the brush editor that can be 
> not only resized but
> tilted, rotated,made harder or softer on the fly, even with keystrokes
Maybe there's a need for a structured brush name format?
"footprint/titled 15-size 96.2/colours bg fg/spacing 150%/"

> But shapes are so limited : will be no possible add some simple shapes as 
> spiral and ring ?
Yes, with SVG brushes (I hope).

> 3 about  animated brush, stars, grass,stones and dirty brushes may be a good 
> example,
> their possible use should be intuitive
Careful! "intuitive" is a word people use to mean,
"based on my experience, I could predict how to use it"
but people have very varied backgrounds.
We should leave "intuitive" for the Earl Peter Sikking,
Duke of the Vision.

> As default for clone tool i see a HARD circle brush at 100% opacity,
That's the default brush for everything I think.

PhotoShop displays a brush chooser with a slider for scale, iirc, and
you can even put it on the toolbar, as you can with paintshop pro and


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