On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 4:48 AM, David Gowers wrote:

>> (Speaking of which, the fact that tools presets don't save/restore
>> scale value isn't helpful either.)
> AFAICS that isn't a generally true fact. Works for me -- I just checked by
> choosing 1.06, saving that as a preset,
> setting it to 0.01 and loading the preset (which correctly reset scale to
> 1.0).
> What version are you using (I'm using a recent git version, I'd guess that
> if there was a bug, any 2.7 version would have it fixed.)

Indeed this seems to be fixed in most recent git build. The version
I'm using at home is git from April or so.

>> Contrary to that I would yell every time I switched from Paintbrush to
>> Eraser if I didn't have global brush disabled. It's way too convenient
>> to use e.g. smaller eraser *automatically*
> Hmm, I tend to forget that there are people who use mice for general GIMP
> work. I can see how this could actually save time then, if you only ever use
> Eraser with one or two different fixed brushes instead of
> switching a lot.

I use both mouse and stylus, whatever works better for a particular case.

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