I was about to write a rather detailed interface/feature improvement 
suggestion about the brush editing feature in GIMP but then I thought 
that first it would be better to show you all this (incomplete) 
interface mock-up I made:


Basically, in my vision, the brush editing dockable window would be much 
more detailed than what is now, containing most settings in common 
between brush-based tools (and also many new more), which is similar to 
what happens in other professional bitmap editing programs.

Not only this would result in a more powerful brush editing process, but 
also in a significant reduction of icons in the toolbox. Many of the 
brush based tools that are there right now would become brush presets, 
which would work very well with the new tagging feature introduced in 
the GIT version of GIMP.

Obviously backward compatibility with previous brush versions would need 
to be maintained in some way.

If it turns out that brush editing in GIMP is actually going into this 
direction I'll be happy to describe much more in detail the interface 
and the behavior of the options and settings I have in mind 
(unfortunately I'm not an experienced programmer so I cannot explain in 
detail specific implementation details).


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