On Thu, 2009-07-23 at 13:15 -0600, Luis Diego Alpizar Alpizar wrote:
> I think i cannot change the default keys to pick a colour(ctrl) or to
> make a straight line using the paint tools(Shift)
> There is a future implementation to bring the chance to modify this
> shortcuts?
> I got a pen tablet and wanted to change the straight line shorcuts to
> the pen tablet buttons, so i could draw with my pen,
> but i cannot do that, and GIMP for some odd reason won't detect my pen
> tablet configuration(i changed wacom pen tablet preferences, to set a
> button to be "ctrl") but didn't work, as GIMP opens the right-click
> menu instead of doing "ctrl" function(or shift).

Your idea of configuring the tablet is the right thing to do here. If
that doesn't work, then please ask Wacom to fix this.


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