On 07/23/2009 06:37 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> I don't see how anything that was unreasonable some years ago becomes
> reasonable in 2009.

It was equally reasonable also some years ago. My point was that we are 
long past the time when hard disk space was an issue.

>>> Another reason is that it becomes a nightmare when the user updates to
>>> the next GIMP version which may ship with a different set of resource
>>> files.
>> It's not trivial to deal with this, but it's not exactly hard either,
>> whatever heuristics we come up with.
> Then please explain how you would deal with this.

When migrating a 2.n user dir to a 2.(n+2) user dir, we can for obvious 
reasons only add resources and tags, never remove any. The problem is 
then reduced to "What resources and tags should be added when migrating 
a user dir to a new version?".

The naive approach is to add resources and tags present in the 2.(n+2) 
system dir but not present in the 2.n user dir to the 2.(n+2) user dir. 
We can't do that however, because if the user removed a default 
resource, he would not want it to be added to his user dir again just 
because he migrated to a new version.

So, we can only add resources and tags that have never shipped with a 
previous version of GIMP to the migrated user dir. Finding this set of 
resources and tags is just a matter of maintaining data sets with 
resources and tags shipped with each version of GIMP and some 

I admit this is not trivial, but it is my opinion superior to using tags 
the way you describe and treat system resources in a special way.

  / Martin
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