> As default for clone tool i see a HARD circle brush at
> 100% opacity,
> That's the default brush for everything I think.

Exact ! Are exactly the same !!
this demonstrate beyond doubts that current defaults are wrong.

Should be obvious that the pen  tool , the brush tool and the clone and healing 
tools are different tools with a different use ...and so they require 3 quite 
different defaults

NOTE , Default is very important for the first impression of a tool or filter
If default is bad chosen   the first user sensation will be of a crappy or 
cryptic tool
 on the contrary  better chosen default  may give a good impression of a even 
buggy tool 

I may  well understand that developer have no time for  "the search for the 
best defaults"   but maybe is here that users may help developers

> ...about  animated brush, stars, grass,stones and dirty brushes may be a 
> >good example,
> their possible use should be intuitive
>Careful! "intuitive" is a word people use to mean,
>"based on my experience, I could predict how to use it"
>but people have very varied backgrounds.
>We should leave "intuitive" for the Earl Peter Sikking,
>Duke of the Vision.

That is correct,in general
In the particular cases is just needed to use a animated "star" brush on a dark 
BG to guess its possible use...populate the sky of stars , similar but not 

Same for "grass or stones" animated brushes 

I see a different problem:

Is too difficult  browsing brushes notice that there are 4 quite different 
types of  of brushes mixed :

1 normal (Greyscale gbr that use FG and BG colors)
2 colored (RGB gbr with their own colours)
3 "nozzles" (or tubes, gih as you prefer call them)
4 Procedural

Obviously without guessing that the chosen brush is a "nozzle" may be hard use 
it at best, same for procedural brushes

Is missed a clear visible hints to distinguish  ... for this tagging should 
help if not solve 


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