Martin Nordholts wrote:

> Absolutely, I mean why would you hold it back?

Because in its entirety my vision is an extensive change not only in 
brush selecting and editing compared to the current versions, but also 
in many aspects of the user interface (depending on how much of it would 
be implemented) and to explain it in detail it would require me some 
effort (maybe a few days) in both describing it in words (also because 
English is not my native language) and making graphic examples, which I 
have not prepared yet.

If GIMP UI and brush development was going to another direction anyway, 
then there wouldn't be the need for such a detailed explanation, I think.

Anyway, since I see that you seem interested I think I'll expand this 
idea. It will require me some time though. For now I can summarize it in 
  a few points:

- Make brush based tools as general as possible.
   Standard: Paint tool, eraser tool, clone/heal tool, tweak tool
   Advanced: Paint tool, clone/heal tool, tweak tool
   Extreme: Freehand/Geometric brush tool

- Move most brush based tool settings in the brush settings window

- Expand the brush settings window with more useful options

- Leave the old tool selection concept to the new taggable brush 
selection window

With a new generic brush system in most of the brush behavior is 
described by the brush settings, it's possible to leave the old tool 
selection concept to the new (and possibly even more improved) taggable 
brush presets window.

This is similar somewhat in what happens in Corel Painter: there is only 
one "brush tool", and many different brush "presets" grouped under 
different "tags" (Eraser, pencils, watercolor, clone tools, tweaking 
tools, etc). The most used presets can be dragged in a user specified 
window. In GIMP they could be docked to the new, lighter tool bar (which 
would by default have many less tools because many sharing the same 
functionality/concept would be merged into one).

Oh, I ended up being more detailed than I thought!
I'd like to expand more this idea though.
I hope now it's more clear what I have in mind anyway.

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