I think this is a very good idea -- moving the 'different ways of painting'
into brushes so that we don't need Paintbrush, Pencil, Airbrush but just one
: 'Paintbrush'. I use GIMP mainly for pixel art, and I find that I really
want the paintbrush/pencil/airbrush tool distinction to go away, so I can
just select 1px hard edge brush and not care about tool, and be assured that
I paint with hard edges and will therefore not smudge the picture.

Mypaint (http://mypaint.intilinux.org) does it like you suggest and it works
very well -- especially the way that you can toggle erasing, I think that is
a very useful improvement to workflow.

It's true that 'much more could be added' -- MyPaint gives an extreme amount
of brush settings, but it is not punishing to the user because you do not
need to negotiate these options most of the time (nor do they occupy any
screen space usually).

I would like to see the possibility to make specific brushes for erasing or
anti-erasing. My experience with MyPaint suggests that this is a very simple
and effective way to do erasing.

One issue I have found in MyPaint is that of committing changes -- say I
select the 1px brush, and change the spacing to 50%. should that be
automatically saved to disk, or discarded at the end of the session?
(MyPaint opts to discard these changes at the end of the session. I think
GIMP should visually indicate 'dirty' brushes and give the option to save

MyPaint also makes Opacity into a property of brushes. My experience is that
this often makes it much easier to quickly get to work.

I am very interested to see more.
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