Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 07/24/2009 11:55 AM, gg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> using gimp 2.6.6 I pulled the tool options dlg off the toolbox. Now it
>> won't dock back in.
>> the space says "you can drop dockable dialogs here" but nothing happens
>> when I do. I remain with two independant windows.
>> I was explaining to someone over the phone , theirs went back , mine
>> didn't. I'm wondering if this is a WM issue. I'm using xfce4
> This isn't really gimp-developer material, but gimp-user material.
Well I posted it here because I thought it was a bug relating to my 
using xfce.

Now I know how it works, I would suggest it is discussed here to see if 
there is a way to make it more obvious, or to find another mechanism.

Dragging the word "paintbrush" which is a heading and in no way looks 
like an active element is very obscure.

Also if I select "lock tab to dock" when the window is free it prevents 
the docking action. One may think this is something to do with helping 
to dock it and in fact it prevents it. It seems it is locked into an 
undocked state.

> Anway, you are not dragging the WM window title bar, right? You should 
> be dragging the dockable title itself (which is within the window). Yes 
> I know, this sucks, but that's what we have right now.
>  / Martin
Thanks for your reply.

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