Jeremy wrote,

> Just a small thing.  I noticed that by default, scrolling up and down
> with the mouse scrollwheel isn't configured to do anything at all.
> Especially as it wouldn't even be replacing something else, I propose
> that the scroll-up and scroll-down actions be configured, by  
> default, to
> zoom in and zoom out.  I just did this manually and it works great.  I
> don't think scrolling vertically and horizontally with the scroll  
> wheel
> is as intuitive, and you can do this anyway by holding down the middle
> button and moving the mouse.

ho ho, not so fast. the primary function of a scroll wheel is
to scroll. do not forget that 2-dimensional scrolling thingies,
like trackballs (as also seen on mice) are part of the same
family and principle.

if people like you find it smashing to zoom with the scroll-wheel,
then we should make that an easy preference, but not by default.


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