I got back from vacation in the UK (yay no mosquitoes) and tried
git head gimp today.

First, a BIG thank you to Peter and others: the new menu item
"overwrite" is much clearer.

I do still have a problem in several gnomish scenarios, but things
are indeed getting better.

If I use the file manager and drag a file to gimp, or if I use the
image thumbnail browser (e.g. gthumb, but others do this too) and
say, "open in gimp", then gimp now imports my original jpeg file
(say).  And a keystroke that I use literally hundreds of times in
any one day, will silently, without any warning, overwrite that
file -- control-E and control-shift-E (fit window to image, fit
window to image, respectively).

It's not that there's a keystroke to save the file with lossy
compression: control-S has always done that.  It's that the
new keystroke was previously used for a frequent and non-destructive
operation, and there's no prompting.

In some workflows I can make copies of files first, so possibly an
option to entirely disable drag and drop, and the gimp-remote stuff,
would help, but that's more draconian than I'd like!

So how about
(1) no default keybinding for "overwrite precious file" at all.
(2) if we can't revert the window bindings (^e and ^E), at least
    make show/hide rulers (^R) work again, and (2b) do NOT
    have a keyboard shortcut that silently overwrites a file other
    than the one you are editing.
(3) there should be a big warning when you use this "export to" thing.
(4) if you use save-as, the default export (not "overwrite, I don't
    care about that menu item right now,but export...) filenme doesn't
    change, and it obviously should.  This is just a bug.

Right now it's just about impossible to move between gimp 2.6 and 2.7
without losing work, and the migration path is *really* scary.  But
it's improving, I have good hope ;-)



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