Alexia Death wrote:
> Id have to agree with this one. I namely own a laptop with this resolution. I 
> havent had any problems using gimp on it tho and I hope it stays that way.

Yes, by keeping two dockable areas (left and right side of the screen) 
as by default, a 1440x900 resolution enables to normally work with GIMP 
without any particular problem.

Finding myself desiring to use as much space as possible with my pen 
tablet and my screen, though, I've set up GIMP this way on my pc (only 
one dockable area, on the left), and lower vertical resolutions wouldn't 
work very well with this layout without losing a useful dockable window:

(note: this is a custom version of GIMP with two more tools, a blending 
brush, a pen tool with a stroke smoothing feature and other small things)

This layout is similar in many ways to what I proposed in this thread.


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