Liam wrote:

> First, a BIG thank you to Peter and others: the new menu item
> "overwrite" is much clearer.
> I do still have a problem in several gnomish scenarios, but things
> are indeed getting better.
> If I use the file manager and drag a file to gimp, or if I use the
> image thumbnail browser (e.g. gthumb, but others do this too) and
> say, "open in gimp", then gimp now imports my original jpeg file
> (say).  And a keystroke that I use literally hundreds of times in
> any one day, will silently, without any warning, overwrite that
> file -- control-E and control-shift-E (fit window to image, fit
> window to image, respectively).

without warning? spec says that lossy format export will always show
one combined export options dialog:


> So how about
> (1) no default keybinding for "overwrite precious file" at all.

this is the best solution. When the menu item is "Overwrite foo.jpg"
there is no shortcut key (by default, users can change this) and the
process of invoking it becomes deliberate and visible, via the File  

The other use of the menu item, "Export to foo.jpg" will keep the
ctrl-E shortcut.

and the double binding of ctrl(-shift)-R, that was a mistake and will
be corrected.

thanks for pointing out the concept bugs,


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