> Martin Nordholts wrote:
> > I would just like to point out that the smallest screen size supported
> > by GIMP is 1280x1024, so we don't need to make 1024x768 work or look
> > good.

SHIRAKAWA Akira writes:
> Yes, I've read that many times and I would agree with it too since 
> anything lower than that resolution is rather old gear.

Not at all -- there are thousands of netbooks sold in this year
with 1024x600 resolution. I'm sure nobody considers a netbook
an ideal graphics platform, but it's nice to be able to do a
quick edit when you're traveling. And lots of small non-netbook
laptops still have only 768 pixels vertically.

But more important, 1024x768 is the max resolution supported by most
projectors, so anyone trying to teach a GIMP class or give a talk
needs that resolution.  That may be some people's first exposure to
GIMP, so I hope the UI doesn't change to be unusable on projectors,
one of those programs where windows have a minimum height and
disappear off the bottom of the screen. Currently GIMP works fine
at 1024x768.

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