Getting back to the start of this discussion --

I am in talks with the new mantainer of a very popular brazillian GIMP 
comunity portal this week (Guilherme coordinating  with 
~20.000 unique visitors a day)-- he has resources of his own which could be 
made available eitehr in GIMP or in gimp-data-extras . Moreovr a "call for 
help" on these online comunities could result in a large number of 
contributions from Brazillian artists (most with poor English comunication 

So it ocurred to me: maybe we could make a "call for contributions" for new 
resources, and some open voting mechanism. The top rated artwork would make it 
into GIMP as patterns and brushes, and some  more could be made available in 
gimp-data-extras .  

The last call for contributions of this kind we had, taht I rememebr, was for 
the gimp 2.2's splash screen, and had a good number of nice submitions.

Guilerme, me, and other brazillian Free Graphics software contributors could 
help to assemble the needed structure for voting + contributing in a few weeks 
- we could set some prdefined tags to help orient the contributions (like 
natural brushes, clip-art, and so on) and  populate the gimp-data-extras 
package with them.

(Of course I am talking about itnernational contributions, not only .br ones - 
some 'call for clip-art' well placed announcements could make it)

So, any objections to something like this?  

If anyone think this might have drawbacks an alternative would be to make a 
low-profile 'trial' and put the results in a branch for review. 


On Sunday 19 July 2009, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Hi,
> With the integration of tagging support in GIMP we have a mechanism that
> allows us to organize resources (brushes, patterns, palettes, and
> gradients). This enables us to add a bigger set of default resources.
> Not being an artist myself makes me rather useless for this task. To get
> things rolling I thought I'd start a discussion on what a better set of
> default resources would be.
> A few things are clear:
>   * The new default resources must fit the product vision [1]
>   * The resources must be very general in nature
>   * We can't have a huge set of resources since we need to keep
>     the size of the tarball within reasonable limits
>   * We not only need resources, we also need to assign tags to them
> I think we at least should:
>   * Add larger variants of the circle and fuzzy circle
>     brushes, say 50, 100, 250 and 500 px
>   * Try to get rid of the Pepper, Sparks and Vine brushes
>     in a backwards compatible way
> Does anyone have any suggestions on adjustments and additions to the
> default set of GIMP resources?
>   / Martin
> [1]
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