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> Sparr <spa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Circle and Fuzzy Circle should be two brushes.
> I've been following this conversation with a bit of interest, but I've
> noticed that a lot of discussion has echoed this sentiment. Why should
> there be two circle brushes? Couldn't there be a single circular brush
> with "fuzziness" as an attribute of that brush that you could adjust
> with a percentage slider?

You can already do that for any circle brush. The attribute is called
We would not seriously consider such a level of reduction because it's bad
for usability -- it's much more painful for the user to adjust a slider each
time they want to paint with different hardness, than to just switch between
two brushes.

I personally think there should be a few different brushes in a basic set.

* 'fill' brush (large, hard edge) -- because often painting is more
convenient than select+fill
* 'sharp' brush (moderate size -- say 25px (== radius 12), hardness 1.0)
(general purpose)
* 'fuzzy' brush (for blending)

If we moved towards Akira's idea of moving brush-related tool options into
brushes themselves, I would also suggest
* a single pixel, Hard Edge (as in, pencil-style sharp rendering) brush for
pixel.precise adjustments.
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