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> Hmm, I tend to forget that there are people who use mice for general
> GIMP work. I can see how this could actually save time then, if you
> only ever use Eraser with one or two different fixed brushes instead
> of switching a lot.

for what it's worth, I only ever (pretty much) use a single global
brush, shared with as many tools as possible... I don't have a
graphics tablet... I bind 2 and 3 to shrink/grow the (vector) brush,
and @ and # (shift-2 and shift-3 on my keyboard) to have them grow
and shrink more, and $ and % to have them get softer and harder.

For most of what I do, I only need the one brush (sometimes I change
its shape though).  Probably if I had a graphics tablet I'd feel

When I've wanted to do more "natural" art, the brushes in gimp were
all much too tiny to be of any use really -- 50 to 300 pixels in
diameter is a useful range for bitmap brushes I think, for making
new art that can be printed, e.g. A4/US Letter at 300dpi.


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