>On 07/23/2009 05:38 PM, SHIRAKAWA Akira wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I was about to write a rather detailed interface/feature improvement
>> suggestion about the brush editing feature in GIMP but then I thought
>> that first it would be better to show you all this (incomplete)
>> interface mock-up I made:
>Hi Akira,
>I suppose you haven't seen 
>http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Paint_dynamics_specification ?
>  / Martin
Hi Martin,
I'm interested discuss the relation between brushes and presets... and I
don't if this could be in this discussion.
I think that presets options are very useful and to have a directory to
contains these (with some options to organize these). A preset is powerful, it
can used for many brushes (paintbrush, pencil, airbrush ...).

jose a. g. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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