On 08/02/2009 12:19 PM, SHIRAKAWA Akira wrote:
> Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> Does anyone see any problems with using CIE LCH instead of HSV for
>> these layer modes? We can ignore backwards compatibility issues for now.
> Except for the final results, will there be any change at a user
> interaction level? Or any practical drawback resulting from this?

My main concern is regarding the Value layer mode since the name Value 
is tightly coupled with how it is implemented. I figured there might be 
some esoteric use case I'm not thinking about where this implementation 
characteristic matters.

Using CIE LCH Lightness will make the layer mode be based on perception 
of lightness instead of value in HSV, and for the purposes I can come up 
with, using CIE LCH Lightness will always be better.

For the user, the only difference will be a different name for a layer 
mode (Value -> Lightness) and to my knowledge more intuitive results.

  / Martin
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