Hi guys,

my name is Rashid, I'm 23, studing computer science in germany and I  
need your help.

I need to save / read a comment in a jpeg file for a project. It must  
be a jfif comment (not exif). My OS is Ubuntu 9.04 and I have used  
libexiv2 (but they told me now, I have to use a jfif comment).

The code is allready working with libexiv2. I just need to change the  
lib for the comment. I have read about libjpeg-dev but I dont  
understand it. GIMP can write and read jfif comments.

So I'm asking you:

Can you copy the GIMP code read / write the jfif comments? I need just  
2 functions like

void writeComment(char* filename, char* data);
unsigned char* readComment(char* filename);


Can you tell about an easy to use jpeg library that can read / write  
jfif comments? Or an easy tutorial for libjpeg-dev to read / write  

It would realy help me. Thank you.


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