Martin Nordholts wrote:

> I'm referring to the whole GIMP color picking system. The color picked 
> using the default color picker is not represented in a 
> device-independent way. One of the consequences is that painting with a 
> green brush on a color managed image might not give a green stroke on 
> the image. The absence of a color managed color picker becomes evident 
> in test images which rotates color, i.e. maps e.g. RGB 0,255,0 in the 
> image to RGB 0,0,255 on the screen.

I understand, thanks for explaining.

Can you give a rough estimate of when a color managed picking system 
will be integrated into GIMP ? I've only recently "discovered" the LCH 
color space / color selection and I think it's a great system. I know I 
could for now simply use the current available color selection module 
(which from what I see is "just" a graphic interface to do LCH->RGB24 
color conversions, so it's a sort of "fake" LCH), but it's just my 

Let me guess: this will happen when GEGL will be fully integrated into 
GIMP, right (also allowing higher color bit depths which if I'm not 
wrong the LCH color space needs) ? Then that would be in GIMP 2.10 or 
even later, I think.

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