Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 2009-08-03 at 15:51 -0400, Jay Smith wrote:
>> While maybe 5 seconds might be a little quick, conceptually I agree that
>> it should not last very long.  Maybe 8 or 10 seconds or even 15 seconds.
>> But not longer.
> Maybe five seconds is indeed somewhat short. Would anyone object if we
> increased this to ten seconds? If someone wants to try it, the timeout
> is defined at the top of app/display/gimpstatusbar.c.
> Sven

I found I had bearly noticed the presence of the message and definately 
did not have time to read it.

I think what actually caught my eye was the fact it disappeared whilst I 
was looking around wondering why I was not getting the usual progress 
bar I was expecting.

I stress, the reason I knew something was wrong was that the save was 
too quick , not that the message caught my eye.

10s may help but IMHO this method of notification is far too unobtrusive.

The STATUS bar should be for relaying status information. Information 
that relates to the state of the program. It is used effectively to 
prompt awareness of hot key combinations etc. This is accessory 
information that the user may check for or that my just be helpful.

The text is small and on the periphery of vision when the focus of 
attention is on the centre of the screen.

It is NOT an effective way of displaying important error messages that 
NEED to be seen.

  As I said in my original post , this is not a "by the way the image 
was not saved" it is an error condition what warrants an modal dialogue 
and a user response.

If the error is irrelevant then the current mechanism is probably OK. I 
maintain that it is non trivial and requires full visibility.

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