> While maybe 5 seconds might be a little quick, conceptually I agree that
>> it should not last very long.

Please consider then, in particolar on Windows OS messages are often hidden 
behind the image windows.
So a 5, 10, 0r even 15 second message will likely never be seen, and user will 
simply freak out later when he will see his work went lost

If something go wrong when saving i pretend to know, this is a absolute 
priority, and i prefer be forced lose few second to close manually a 
unnecessary warning that lost beyond hope hours of work...

May be only very few relevant warning...something as "SAVE FAIL" can't afford 
the risk to be ignored, because in that 10 second i was distracted by a phone 
call or because warning was hidden by another windows.

And here as no relevance if the message was hidden for a Bug of Windows OS or 
for a Gimp bug...if there is the minimum risk that  the message (a SIMILAR 
MESSAGE not in general )could be unnoticed then better be forced to manually 
close it before proceed.

At least offer this as User option, please

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