Martin Nordholts wrote:

> There hasn't been any further discussion, but we should have one. The 
> first step would be to figure out a UI for the feature that helps 
> fulfill the product vision [1].

As left clicking and dragging with the mouse creates new freely movable 
guides (left click-drag the upper ruler for horizontal guides, left 
click-drag the left ruler for vertical guides), I suggest that clicking 
and dragging the rulers (left-right for the upper one, up-down for the 
vertical one) with another mouse button (for example middle or right) 
could move their respective origin (zero point).

Then, another option in the "Image" menu and below "Configure 
Guides...", called "Configure Rulers...", could be added for more 
precise ruler option settings (I was thinking not only the origin, but 
also font, style, number of notches, etc, if it's possible).

But this is just my 2-minutes brainstorm.


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