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> 1) If I plug it in after the gimp is already started it isn't recognized
> as a tablet, i.e. doesn't appear as an extended input device that can be
> configured and works only as a mouse.
> 2) If I plug it in before starting the gimp, it's recognized and works
> well, but if I unplug it before exiting the gimp, gimp will crash in a
> little bit.
> Inkscape has exactly the same behavior including the crash.

This is a known issue, and exists because there is no agreed interface  for
X to tell applications about appearing and disapearing devices(there is
DBUS, but im not sure if X sends the type notifications needed for this use)
and no mechanism in the toolkits(in this case, GTK) to handle it, because
its rather new for X to have appearing and disapearing input devices. Gimp
sees what devices are available on startup and wont be aware of the devices
added later. When you remove a device however, gimp(or rather GTK IIRC) will
try to get data from a noinexisting device and crash. I quickly looked at
the issue when I encountered it myself and it was quite above ma
capabilities to fix,  but I dont remember the details any more.


P.S Sorry for the spam, Patrick.
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