On 08/05/2009 04:39 PM, Radhwan Ben Madhkour wrote:
> Hi,
> I want two persons to work on the "same" image at the same time but on
> different pc.
> Since my last post ("tile update" on Thursday 30 July), I have had some
> results. One person can open Gimp, start to draw and the changes are
> sent to multiple pc (by multicast) and showed. This is very helpful for
> people who want to project a huge image on a huge screen by multiple
> projectors (multipexed).

Since we are going to migrate to GEGL, you might want to look into IPC 
sharing of GeglBuffers. That would be a topic for the gegl-developer 
mailing list though.

> Does anybody know where is the principal loop of gimp? (I mean where
> gimp is waiting for an event)

GIMP uses the GLib main loop library. The actual loop is entered through 
the call to g_main_loop_run() in app/app.c.

A general tip: You could easily find this by setting a breakpoint in 
basically any part of the code, trigger it, and look at the backtrace in 
a debugger.



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