Luis Diego Alpizar Alpizar wrote:
> I wanted to ask if "removing" the zoom tool, from the toolbox to some
>  new place(for the new UI) was something you devs plan to do, if you
> didn't hear this before, i find the zoom tool not usefull, as is
> better a single button(+,-) in some part of the GIMP window, because
> clicking 2 times in order to zoom in or out(and therefore, changing
> from zoom in to zoom out, would require a lot effort) for something
> that can be more easy to do, i find myself afected my workflow when
> i'm doing some photomanipulation.

Maybe it's just me, but just because you don't find a tool useful
doesn't really warrant outright removing it. You can always just remove
it from the toolbox yourself...

Also, with the Zoom tool you can just use click and drag to define a
specific area that is zoomed into so it fills the window - how would you
propose to do that otherwise? (Using the select tool and some kind of
"Zoom to selection" function isn't an option, as it destroys any
selection you have...)

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