On Wednesday 12 August 2009 12:19:29 Christopher Howard wrote:
> Hi. Is there anyone here doing GIMP development inside Gentoo? I very
> recently switched my development machine over from Debian to Gentoo. At
> the Gentoo forums they showed me how to use the overlays to get
> glib-2.21.4, but I didn't see an overlay for >=gegl-0.1.0 or >=babl-0.1.0.
> If you could tell me how you went about installing recent versions of
> these two libs (within the Portage system) I be appreciative.

There are no overlays for these that I know of.   The latest gegl and babl 
ebuilds in portage are for version 0.0.22.  This bug report:


has gegl-9999 and babl-9999 ebuilds to do svn builds which is probably what 
you really want anyway.  Just drop them into your local overlay directory and 
you should be good to go.  

As a general rule if you need an ebuild and you can't find an off the self 
ebuild in portage or a public overlay you will almost always find one in the 
bug reporting system.  Also in many cases you can also just copy the existing 
ebuild into your local overlay and rename it (IE. change the version in the 
file name) and it will work.  For details on using a local overlay check the 
documentation on the gentoo web site.

It also might be a good idea to open a bug report to ask for portage to be 
updated to have version 0.1.0 ebuilds.

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