On 08/13/2009 09:54 PM, BugByteMan wrote:
> Hello,
> When I build gimp (mingw/windows XP) with gtk+>  2.17.2 the application 
> crashes as soon as I move my mouse over either the toolbox or image window.  
> This happens with both the stable (2.6.6 tarball) and git source.  I have not 
> been successful in identifying the source of the crash in gdb.
> Has anybody successfully built this combination using mingw/windows 
> environment?


I would personally recomend Fedora for building GIMP for Windows. 
Building GIMP for Windows on Windows was hell last time I tried, 
building GIMP for Windows on Fedora using the quite new Fedora mingw 
toolchain is super-easy. I was able to build both git master and 
gimp-2-6 of GIMP without much trouble.

You can run your build result in Wine. To get stack-traces, install 
DrMingw, works perfect both in Wine and on real Windows.

If you are using unstable development releases it is a good idea to keep 
up to date with the releases. No one will pay much attention to crashes 
reported using old development releases.

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