We are pleased to announce the release of GIMP 2.7.0 which is the
first step towards GIMP 2.8, the next stable release. Even though GEGL
related work has been made, the primary focus for GIMP 2.8 is to get
work not related to GEGL done. This will enable us to fully focus on
GEGL once GIMP 2.8 has been released and finish the integration we
have tentatively started.

You will need GEGL 0.1.0 and babl 0.1.0 found at http://www.gegl.org
and http://www.gegl.org/babl to build GIMP 2.7.0. The GIMP 2.7 release
notes can be read at http://gimp.org/release-notes/gimp-2.7.html. A
more complete but summarized list of changes is in the NEWS file found
at http://git.gnome.org/cgit/gimp/tree/NEWS. This file is also quoted

  / Martin

Changes in GIMP 2.7.0


  - Change the Text Tool to perform text editing on-canvas (GSoC 2008)
  - Add support for tagging GIMP resources such as brushes and allow
    filtering based on these tags (GSoC 2008)
  - Separate the activies of saving an image and exporting it, there is
    now an 'File->Export...' for example
  - Port file plug-ins to new export API which gets rid of many
    annoying export dialogs
  - Add a simple parser to size entry widgets, images can be scaled
    to e.g. "50%" or "2 * 37px + 10in"
  - Arrange layer modes into more logical and useful groups
  - Added support for rotation of brushes
  - Make the Pointer dockable show information about selection position
    and size
  - Get rid of the Tools dockable and move toolbox configuration to
  - Add status bar feedback for keyboard changes to brush paramaters
  - Add diagonal guides to the Crop Tool
  - New docks are created at the pointer position
  - Add support for printing crop marks for images
  - Move 'Text along path' from tool options to text context menu
  - Change default shortcuts for "Shrink Wrap" and "Fit in Window" to
    Ctrl+R and Ctrl+Shift+R respectively since the previous shortcuts
    are now used for the save+export feature
  - Make Alt+Click on layers in Layers dockable create a selection from
    the layer
  - Allow to specify written language in the Text Tool


  - Map the 'Linear Dodge' layer mode in PSD files to the 'Addition'
    layer mode in GIMP
  - Add JPEG2000 load plug-in
  - Add X11 mouse cursor plug-in
  - Add support for loading 16bit (RGB565) raw data
  - Add palette exporter for CSS, PHP, Python, txt and Java, accessed
    through palette context menu
  - Add plug-in API for getting image URI, for manipulating size of
    text layers, for getting and setting text layer hint, and for
    unified export dialog appearance


  - Add large variants of round brushes and remove duplicate and
    useless brushes
  - Add "FG to BG (Hardedge)" gradient


  - Port the projection code, the code that composes a single image
    from a stack of layers, to GEGL
  - Port layer modes to GEGL
  - Port the floating selection code to GEGL
  - Refactor the layer stack code to prepare for layer groups later
  - Prepare better and more intuitive handling of the floating
  - Add File->Debug->Show Image Graph that show the GEGL graph of an
  - Allow to benchmark projection performance with
    File->Debug->Benchmark Projection
  - When using GEGL for the projection, use CIELCH instead of HSV/HSL
    for color based layer modes


  - Make painting strokes Catmull-Rom Spline interpolated
  - Add support for arbitrary affine transforms of brushes
  - Add support for brush dynamics to depend on tilt
  - Add aspect ratio to brush dynamics
  - Add infrastructure to soon support vector layers (GSoC 2006)
  - Rearrange legacy layer mode code to increase maintainability
  - Drop support for the obsolete GnomeVFS file-uri backend
  - Allow to dump keyboard shortucts ith File->Debug->Dump Keyboard
  - Prepare data structures for layer groups
  - Remove gimprc setting "menu-mnemonics",
    "GtkSettings:gtk-enable-mnemonics" shall be used instead
  - Remove "transient-docks" gimprc setting, the 'Utility window' hint
    and a sane window manager does a better job
  - Remove "web-browser" gimprc setting and use gtk_show_uri() instead


  - Changed licence to (L)GPLv3+
  - Use the automake 1.11 feature 'silent build rules' by default
  - Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
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