I use the GPS set of presets and I think that tags system will be good
on presets and not only on brushes. I discussed about it with Ramon
Miranda from the GPS project and I purpose you today two screens :

The behavior I purpose is exactly the same as brushes. These screens are
two docks, one to select a preset in a list and one to change the
preset's options. The first dock includes one line to select tags, the
presets list with previews, one line to set tags on current preset. The
bottom's icons are to edit, create, copy, delete, refresh the list,
import and export presets. I think these two last buttons are importants
to help people to share their works.

The second dock is the actual presets' dock without icon buttons (there
are in the first dock in this purpose).

Actually, presets are not copied to the user's directory, so it's
impossible to package GIMP with default presets. A patch to do that can
be a good start before talking about new default ressources.

Nothing is done yet, the screens are just fakes to show my purpose. But,
even if I've not enough spare time to do it quickly, I can code it.

Best regards,
Christophe Buffenoir

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